Five Fast Ways to Make More Money from your Computer

Everybody is creating blogs and websites everyday and everywhere . People are making huge income just by sitting in front of the computer with an internet connection. If you are someone who is looking for making money on the internet there are very many ways to do so. But, time is an important factor in online money making. As you know, everybody is now turning to an online business career, you also need some luck as well as talent to get through this competition and emerge as a winner.

But, people with many household responsibilities might not find enough time to concentrate on online business. So, thats why we thought of giving some five fast ways to make more money from your computer. You can supplement your income by writing website content. Let us explore five fast ways of making money online.

Writing Articles

This is one of the easiest and most attractive ways of making money online. There is a great demand for genuine content on the internet. If you are good at generating original content on a regular basis nothing stops you from making more money. One can also write for community websites like Hub Pages, Squidoo and Zujava. If you are really good in creating more and unique content, you should either start a blog or you should become a freelance writer .

Video Sharing Site

With sites like You Tube attracting millions of people, video sharing is a business which is fast growing. If you want to become outstanding in video sharing, you should try a site that shares video content for a niche market. Youtube is a place where luck plays a major role. No keywords or any search engine optimization techniques can make you make money from Youtube. So, create unique videos and upload them !

Niche Forum

A niche forum is a great way to create a community of people with similar interests. This applies to millions of people who have similar mindsets and interests. The forum owner can advertise to mailing list and earn money from it. 


Blogging is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Search engines are getting drawn to blogs. A blog with original content should be constantly updated and should have adequate key words in order to get high ranking in search engines.

Stock Photos

People can easily capture superb images these days with digital cameras and smart mobile devices. Most of the images we click are not used for anything. In order to make good use of such photos, one can become a stock photographer. There are many stock photo websites in the web world like, and Shutter Here , we can sell our work at a very reasonable price. As these sites already very popular, you can find a buyer within seconds.

From The Editor's Desk

These are some of the ways to make money online without having to invest too much of time and money. Even those who have busy schedule could also try these since these methods do not consume much time. A few hours on internet each week will definitely fetch you a few extra dollars.

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Joseph Porter is a freelance writer at study essay writing companies and the professionals helps to compose winning dissertation writing for the academic students with over 14 year’s experience. He enjoys writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology and travelling.

Heavy Disadvantages Of Default Blogger Domains

Blogger is a free CMS PLatform by Google Inc. More than 250 million users are using Blogger actively . Blogger has many advantages . THey offers free hosting and a Blogspot subdomain . But , have you ever thought of its disadvantages ? Nowadays , you might have spotted that many bloggers are migrating to Wordpress . They all have understood that Wordpress is a more professional one than Blogger . Blogger gives us a Blogspot domain when we create a free blog on their network . And , you can create more than 100 blogs on Blogger . So , as it is free , many are still using the Blogspot domain rather that buying a good domain name from Sub Registrars like Godaddy and Dotcomcentre . Every free objects has its own advantages and disadvantages . Sometimes ,these disadvantages can cost you a lot in the way of getting the blog deleted or something very horrible . So , i will tell you some of the disadvantages of using Blogspot domain !

Not Professional

Blogger domain names are having the Blogspot domain extension . These are very lengthy and readers will not remember your name forever . So , to increase your readership , you should buy a custom domain . And , if you are taking your blog as professional , you should really need a highly professional not too lengthy custom domain name that all your readers can remember easily and fastly . It should be something that can be grasped by your readers easily . So , Firstly , change your blog domain to a professional one !

Less Traffic

If you write great content , you are sure to get to the top of search engines . But , whats the use of getting to the top of search engines if nobody clicks on your result . Its a universal truth . Blogs with Blogspot domains are just ignored by the people all over the world. Instead they just give all their attention to the search results with Custom domain . Again , another factor to make sure that you buy a custom domain as fast as possible .

Ranking Problems

You can check this yourself . Your blog will be having many domains . ,, etc . So , all these domains will be having different ranking . Usually all these domains will get redirected to . So only this domain will have a higher ranking , but by default the will be indexed by the search engines .So , a major confusion in the rankings might occur . So , its a must that you should change the setting of the Custom 302 redirection on which i will write an article surely. In Alexa, you will have different rankings for each of your blogspot domains . So , this is a big problem faced by the blogspot domain users .

Less Fans

Fans always love websites that are professional . But , as we do not have a custom domain then you will not have any fans even if you do not have great awesome content . Building a large fan base is very important in a professional bloggers career which is not possible with a subdomain from Blogger . So , again you should change your blog to a custom domain . Its a must if you are taking your blog as a career !

Less Advertisers

Advertisers also hate to advertise on Blogspot Domains because most of these domains lack professionalism . Moreover , most advertising networks do not accept blogspot domains even though there are excemptions . So , advertising revenues will decrease like hell if you are using the blogspot domain . Most bloggers , blog for money , so you should change it to a custom domain for making the most out of your blog !

Final Words 

So , i Hope now you will understand that it is a must to change to a custom domain . And , Godaddy is offering $3 domains which is very low compared to the old prices . So , what are you waiting for ? Go grab one perfect domain for yourself without wasting any time !

Ultimate Guide To Google Plus Marketing of A Blog

Social Networking is one of the best ways to get traffic , mainly traffic that is targeted . We should always use socail networks usefully . They are not only for chatting and uploading photos , they can be used for other marketing urposes also . Such a social network is Google Plus . Google+ was started in 2011 and since then it has acquired more than 500 million users of which 230 million are active users . Whenever we use Gmail or any of Google's Services , popups start emerging encouragin us to join Google+ . Recently, Google Plus was named the second most popular social networking website in the world after Facebook . Surely , Google Plus will not reach Facebook , but it is surely one of the best Google Services ever . Many bloggers are still not using Google Plus . Google Plus was not a success at first . But, when they started encouraging people with Gmail account to join Google Plus , it really became a heavy success than they though . I Still remember , when i first used Google Plus , I though nobody will join it because of it low quality design and slow navigation . But after two or three months , i was really impressed by seeing their layout and their active users .

Here , they are using Circles instead of Friends . So , Adding to circles is just like following on twitter . the number of people who add you to their represents your fame and reputation and also popularity .Google Plus has the ability to take out the potential of your blog . Marketing your blog on Google Plus surely increases your traffic . Moreover , if you use Google Plus , you will be regarded as better than other people without Google Plus Profiles . In many , google PLus is useful to bloggers , we will discus it here .But , should every blogger use Google Plus ? Yes , of course , every Blogger should use Google Plus . It can take your blog from zero to hundred ! So , we are going to share the best profits of using Google Plus !

Use Google+ To Get Traffic

Google+ can be manually linked with Blogger . This is a good technique because each time you publish a post , you are automatically prompted to share this on Google+ . THis a really good marketing strategy , because you not only get traffic but you also increase the number of people seeing the post on Google+ .When they see your post in Google+ , some might click it andget you traffic , but other might see this and they will come to know of your blog ! We can also manually share on Google Plus just like other social networking websites .

Author Photo In Search Results

Check the photo provided below and you can see why author photo is important . Still didn't understand ? Search in Google ' Qadabra Review ' . I was totally amazed when i saw my blog first . then i checked Webmaster Tools and was quite shocked because , that search query got more than 1000 impressions , but only 60 clicks i got through that query ! Its because , my link in the search did not have the author photo ,so most users did not clicked on my result .

Author Photo in Search results can be obtained only if you have a Google Plus Account . You should link to your Google Plus account from your website properly . So , if you do not have a Google PLus profile , you will lose a lot of organic traffic just because people are not impressed by your listing in the search engine !


Increase Popularity 

When the author bio is coming in the search results , then , it will also show in how many people's circles you are there . The more people adds you to their circles , the more your popularity in search engines . Google Plus has this facility just to make it unique . Twitter uses follow while Facebook uses Friends and Like , Google Plus uses circles , its very unique ! More Popularity , More Traffic . So ,You should really join Google Plus , right . Every Blogger should be popular . If other readers find that you are very popular , then they will surely come again and again to your blog !

Final Words 

Every Boy is a dull boy if he does not play ! Every Blog is a dull blog if he does not become social . Social Marketing is a must for every blog ! So , Happy Socializing

Top 4 Business Websites On Blogger

Blogger is an open platform which can be used by anybody. The high amount of success that Blogger accumulated is due to their features and its abilities. Which other service in this world provide free hosting with a very large storage with actually 0% downtime. Only Blogger can do this because its owned by Google even though the starting stone of Blogger was laid by Pyra Labs. Now, Lets come to the point. As a lot of websites are hosted on blogger, most of them are unwanted and useless. But, there are some websites which really look like a great website and offers great serives. If you have a business, you had either opt for Wordpress or for self-hosting . But, there are some businesses which have grown out of the limits. They get millions of pageviews monthly. Still Blogger is hosting them easily with zero downtime. This implies the major advantage of Blogger. Every hosting other than Bluehost has some percentage of downtime. So, now i am going to nominate out some of the best business websites thar are still on Blogger and getting tons of traffic daily. So, what are you waiting for? Hop onto the article .

#1 - My Blogger Tricks

Whenever we find an issue in Blogger, this is the first place that we head to . You know why ? They have been in this field since 2009 and there are articles on almost everything related to Blogger. A few years before, My Blogger Tricks was the only good blogger resource site. But, since the beginning of the busy time schedule of +Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai , there has been less articles related to Blogger and they are diverting their niche. But, Musthafa is back and we have already seen some great articles by him back at MBT. Well, the main advantage of using this site is that they have a premium services page, but all those premium services can be done by ourselves if we check all the articles of MBT. Still, its impossible because they have thouands and thousands of articles under their custody . Musthafa has really worked hard to establish this business. You guys tell me, Has an blogger written an article on using cookies in Blogger ? No, thats the uniqueness of MBT. Musthafa worked and posted lots of unique tutorials before he got helping hands from +Qasim Zaib , +NIDA ZAIDI and +Hassam Ahmad Awan . Really, MBTis the best site on Blogger and there is no alternative to My Blogger Tricks. another thing is that they have more than 58000 subscribers on Feedburner.

#2 - Templateism

Wah! The kind of templates that this website offers for free is somekind of a lottery. You cant get some themes like this for free unless the theme is from Templateism.You mean what about the other developers out there ? Yeah ! They all develop themes . But, the reason why Templateism got to the second position is that they are the first blogger website to have a working AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Cant believe it , huh ? Head straight through this link and get some commission for sure. You know why ? If a guy takes a look at their themes, he will buy the premium ones for sure. That kind of themes are offered by Templateism . Templateism has also another nomination point . Templateism is a one man army headed by +Syed Faizan Ali . He is also the one man owner of My Blogger Lab which is also a blogger resource website . So, now lets head to the next website .

#3 - My Blogger Lab

So much is there to tell about this young guy who caused a ruckus in the blogging field. With his two dynamic websites which he kept still on Blogger after getting immense success is a herculean task to behold. Once or more than once, we all have visited My Blogger Lab. And the peculiarity of My Blogger Lab is that it only provides Blogger tips, tricks and resources. And still it is a one man army . Again the man behind this blog is +Syed Faizan Ali .

#4 - Blogger Yard

There was once a time when Blogger Yard and Blogger Kid had almost the same rankings. But, Blogger Yard got really great success and i went unlucky. Right now, they have an Alexa Rank which is ten times lesser than mine. Yeah ! They too publish unique blogger related articles. This blog is also a one man army lead by +Mohammed Yaqoob who is still 16 years old. And the blog is still on Blogger .

Some Other Great Blogs

All Tech Buzz
All Tech Tricks
Pro Blogger Tricks
Blogging E How
Blogger Tips Tricks

From The Editors Desk

WooHoo! Hope i become like one of them some day. I think the key to their success is the frequency of posting unique fully hand-written articles. And readers, thanks for reading this article and hope you share this one and make it viral.

How To Get An Older Version Of Any Webpage

Wah ! Its a long time since I posted at Blogger Kid . Its due to my exams, readers. Recently we posted an article on migrating your Feedburner subscribers to Mailchimp and we also shared an article on Top five Blogger theme Developers. So, here's one article for you . How many times do we update our blog theme in a year ? Some may update it many times a year . This article is for those guys who update the blogs theme many times a year. When they update their blog design frequently, they may forget to backup their theme at times. Now, they are all stranded and alone. Maybe, they worked hard on a part of the theme and now you also want that part in your new theme. and unfortunately, you don't have any backup of that part of the old theme. This is the time when we are forced to get and older version of any website . This task is a really easy one as there are a lot of websites out there which gets you an HTML format of a webpage from the past. This is really helpful as you are totally backed up free of cost and you can take it and check it at anytime. So, now lets find an older version of our website.

How to Get an Older Version of any Webpage

All these websites store an earlier vrsion of any webpage for free. They dont even ask for any money . They only have a donate button. But, still its our wish. so, these services are totally free. Even if all the websites listed below do not get you your webpage. then you can search on google and on the left side of your search result, there is an arrow. On clicking it you can see a cached version of the webpage. But, it might not store really old versions .

Webpage Storing Websites

Website #1 - Archive
Website #2 - WebCite
Website #3 - Archive It
Website #4 - FreezePage

Final Words

Well, I hope this might help you at any time. Moreover, dont forget to take a backup of your total blog or website before implementing any changes. these sites are all temporary and sometimes it also might not have have an older version. So, if you dont want to get stranded on the internet, take backups on a regular interval or before major changes,

Migrate Your Feedburner Subscribers To Mailchimp

Feedburner has always been the first priority email marketing service for every blogger user. But, Unfortunately, Feedburner does not have all those features which other competitors like Mailchimp and Aweber have . Many people do not migrate from Feedburner thinking that other services are costly and people also fear that they may lose their subscribers. But, now its time to erase this myth. Feedburner does not allow us to send emails at anytime like other services like Mailchimp. Recently, we migrated from Feedburner to Mailchimp's free service. Mailchimp's free service has a limit of sending 12000 emails in your lifetime and your subscriber count has a limit of 2000. Anyways, i did not import my old subscribers which were nearly 149 because most of them were not at all responding. And, right now i have got 21 confirmed subscribers in Mailchimp . So, now i think you know why you should transfer to a modern interface. So, now i am going to show you a tutorial on transferring your feedburner email subscribers to Mailchimp .

How To Transfer Feedburner Subscribers To Mailchimp

Before we go on to transfer your fedburner subscribers to Mailchimp, first you have to import your feedburner subscribers into a file. This process will make us easier to transfer the subscribers in toMailchimp. Here are the steps. 

  1. Go To Feedburner and access your account and click on the feed that you want to import .
  2. Clcik on Publicize and now click on Subcription Management in the left side menu .
  3. Scroll down and click on ' View Subscriber Details '
  4. Now, you can see all your subscribers .
  5. There will an option named Export CSV . Click on it a CSV file will be downloaded. Check the image for more . Now, you have successfully imported your email subscribers.

Okay ! Now that you have imported your feedburner subscribers , Now lets go to Mailchimp and export them there . Follow the steps written below and everything will be easy for you .

  1. Go To Mailchimp and Sign Up for a free account . After that log in into your dashboard .
  2. Click on Lists from the menu on left side . And then click on Create A List .
  3. Now, type the required information and click on Save .
  4. Now, you can access your email lists . In lists menu, no your new list will be found .
  5. Click on it to access it . 
  6. Now click on Add Subscribers in the top menu and a dropdown menu will appear .
  7. There, click on Import subscribers .
  8. A new page with many exporting methods will appear. 
  9. There click on Upload from CSV File .
  10. Browse for the CSV file and upload it .
Now you have successfully transferred or migrated your subscribers from Feedburner to Mailchimp, you can now start new campaigns and design it and send it straight to your subscribers anytime from anywhere . But, rmember on thing, you have only 12000 mails left . Happy Blogging !

7 Reasons Why People Don't Read Your Content

Blogging is a way to share your experiences and advices as well as your knowledge . We write ona blog to get people from all over the world to read your content. Wont you feel bad if people are not reading your content.Getting people to come on to your blog or your website is hard enough. Which is why it is a little heartbreaking when they do not read your content. A high bounce rate is really eye popping for a guy who works day and night to get more visitors to his blog. Here are seven simple reasons why your content is not being read. Take an example. Whats the use of me writing this article if you are not going to read it. It will be really bad for me as i worked a lot to write this article and you guys not even coming to visit it. People will not come simply to your blog. you should make them come to your blog which is quite simple if you write unique content and optimize it for the search engines with a mixture of social media sharing. But, there are some on-page factors which contribute to the unwillingness of people to read your content. Well, I have listed out 7 main reasons why people are not reading the content that you are producing from your mind .

#1 - Not Easy To Read The Main Points

Do you think people are reading each and every word of every article they see on the internet. They only check out the main points of your article. Only if they liked the concept of the article, they are going to read the full content. So, make the main points more descriptive and maybe you can differentiate the main points and keyword from the content by making these bold. People are just going to read the main points first.So, make it easier for them to find out the main points .Dont try make your words together in big paragraphs and do not use small fonts. Do not make the mistake of using a script or italic text because it is hard to read on a screen.

#2 - Caring More About Advertisements

This is one of those things where people strike an unhealthy balance. Even if you are not a greedy web master, it is still possible to go overboard with your adverts. It is understandable that you want to make the most of your web content and so have installed lots of adverts, but people are not keen on reading content that is laden with adverts. The adverts that are links within the actual text are annoying. It pops an advert up and obscures the text when people accidentally scroll over it, but that is not the worst type. The pop up widgets that demand you sign in to Facebook and click “like” before reading is the worst idea ever. Pop up adverts are often enough on their own to make people not want to read your text. There are also annoying adverts that cause people to bounce so quickly that they never even see your text. The most annoying are auto-start adverts and audio. Advertisers will tell you that people will simply turn off the video or audio if they do not like it, but this is not true. People will close the window or tab if they even hear it. Do not forget that many people search engine results pages by opening new tabs and looking through them. They will close all the tabs immediately if they have to suffer your auto-start adverts.

#3 - Compatibility Issues - Responsiveness

It could be that your content is not readable on some operating systems or browsers. But, the most common reason is that it is inconvenient to read. Things such as the screen only showing one half of the sentence makes it too difficult to read. People have to scroll both left to right and then down, and most do not have the patience for it. Make your theme responsive, thats the only way to defeat compatibility issue. I thought, my blog theme was superb until I checked my blog in an iPhone. That was a really bad experience as i was not able to read almost anything. I had to change the theme. It was totally unresponsive

#4 - Boring Content - Spinned Articles

Do you watch a film which you already watched a lot of times ? Do you read the same book thousands of times again and again. That is the current stage of our blogging world. The same kind of articles can be seen here and there in a cunnning disguide. There is some content that cannot help being boring, but if you have targeted the right readers then it should not matter. For example, how the lighting director on a movie made Goldie Hawn look younger may be of no interest to some, but of great interest to others.

#5 - Posts Made Of Grammar Mistakes

If your content looks like it belongs on an email to a friend, then people are probably going to not want to read it. If your content is poorly written, or worse still is spun, then people will not read . They have better things to do that reading your article which is full of grammar mistakes. When we finish writing a post,
the post thing that we should do is revising the post for spelling mistakes and other unwanted grammar mistakes.

#6 - Choosing A Bad Theme

It is possible to put people off by simply choosing the wrong web design. When people look up certain things then they expect certain things. If people are looking up advice on health/illness, then a simple white background is going to be more effective than multicolored bubbles. The content of your website may be ideal, but if the web design does not fit with the expectations of target reader, then people will not look at it.

#7 - Making Your Blog An Advertisement Market

This is a bigger factor than most people realize, and yet when you point it out to people it seems obvious. Let’s say you have written a piece about how every expertise in the world has a secret behind it and that is why some people seem to be born with skill or very good at what they do. Such a theory is going to take some explaining and people are automatically going to assume you are blowing smoke because you think the world is a magical place instead of what it is (a dying rock falling through space). You may create a very good explanation of your theory, but if your advert in the top right is advertising penis enlargement, or anti-depression pills then people are not going to take you seriously. Do you think people would take news programs seriously if they ran small adverts in the top corner for anti-wrinkle miracle cures?

About The Author

Kate Funk is an essay writing specialist at She is the author of numerous essays on SEO, internet, marketing and blogging.

5 Best Websites To Earn Money

The main reason for a person to be attracted to blogging is the potential to earn money. Adsense being the primary source.Blogger’s always are on a look out to earn money.There are many ways to earn money in today’s competitive world.To provide aid to blogger’s there are site’s that are set up that help us to get heaps of money.And by heap I really mean heaps of money. 2013 has been no exception to these needs.Sites have really evolved and helped gather a lot of public attraction.Blogger’s have used these potentials to add zero’s to their balance. But, there are some bloggers who only work for money. They do things without any regard. By doing some works for free, you ar gaining the trust and confidence of your visitors. Not all works should b done for free. Do something to gain trust. And now lets see some of the best websites to earn money. Here I will be listing down 5 sites that have been a boon in disguise.Avail them and definitely your earnings could take a new turn towards success. The below mentioned site’s have been used by us.Each site has been reviewed by us.Hence the reviews are original,no reviews are not sponsored and are based completely on our experience.The sites which we are going to select here are based on these factors.

Selection Factors

  • Payout Schemes
  • Earning potentials
  • User Interface
  • Ease of Navigation


Qadabra is not simply a Cpm or Cpc or subsidiary site yet its blend of all, significance you may see separate procuring each day. They back up different notice arrangements of Banner Ads with Pop under & Pop up furnishing you the most extreme income. Installments are carried out when you arrive at $1 as least payout and they can consume to 45 days to see the gaining into your record. Separated from Paypal, as of late they have tied up with Payoneer. We have appended installment verification too, so this clears that its not a fake or trick system.

Publicity Clerks

In reality Publicityclerks is the best elective to Buysellads system. Publicityclerks turns into the most well known immediate commercial system for bloggers. It associate publicist and distributer at one place to offer and purchase ads straightforwardly. The same work additionally done by buysellads however supporting website for buyellads is the hardest work. Nobody could be effortlessly gotten to be buysellads distributer. In this way, i have carried this excercise for bloggers who are as often as possible rejected by buysellads and other promotion programs.


Clixsense is an association that offers site distributers focused on and significant movement. Site distributers get activity and clients procure cash; what a great exchange off. As a potential client, you get paid for review commercials. All you need to do is head off to Clixsense and sign up complimentary. After you join, you're primed to gain cash from the solace of your home. Hold on, the main get is that you need to keep your browser open for 30 seconds for every advertisement. A while later your record will be credited between 1 penny and 5 dollars. Various people take a gander at this chance as pain free income; however how about we examine. 80-90% of the time you'll be clicking on ads that will pay you 1-2 pennies for every 30 seconds. For every hour, this signifies least.


Infolinks offers an amazing excellent elective to google adsense with possibly high Cpm rates dependant on the catchphrases you have on your site. Infolinks is not as strict as other notice systems, incorporating adsense and with its quick website endorsement time it is turning into an extremely mainstream decision for numerous bloggers.infolinks furnish installment through Paypal, Payoneer, Western Union, Echeck, Bank Wire Transfer and Ach. Remember that some of these installment alternatives will charge an expense. Least installment is $50 and installment is made 45 days after the month that you arrived at the base installment.

Fiverr associate individuals who will do an undertaking or administration for individuals eager to pay 5 bucks. The cost is non-debatable and the administration, called a gig, could be completely anything, and there are some unusual deals pitches on there. It's an incredible thought and $5 is a fabulous situated sum. It isn't excessively for individuals ready to shell out on something that doesn't make a difference, and in the meantime it still urges individuals to tune in offering. All correspondence is semi-secretly done through Fiverr. Installments are made through Paypal and Fiverr will take a $1 cut, giving the dealer $4 for each one finished deal.

From The Editors Desk

I hope you have used these services , to increase your sales.If you have missed out on these , its the right time to start.They will only get better with time.If you of know of any other services , do let us know.Wishing you merry christmas from our side ! 

About The Guest Author

Tanmay Kapse is an addicted pro blogger and web designer from Mumbai. His field of expertise lies in designing blogs and optimizing them to be on top of the search engines. Find more about him in his blog .
Tanmays Blog - BXperts

Top 5 Blogger Theme Developers

Blogger Theme is not so hard to create and customize . But, to make really awesome and responsive templates, you really need to be a good designer. Even If you know Web designing, you might not be able to create a good template. On such occassions we use templates shared by Blogger and other third party websites. All those great themes used by blogs are the customized version of other templates shared by third party sites. Even my old theme was a customized version of Minimum Theme by BlogTipsNTricks. The thing is that , most of these third party websites are run by single professionals and some of these guys have two or more great websites . And still they are being able  to maintain their template development almost regularly. Doesn't that mean that they have some extraordinary template development skills. If you dont think, thats not my fault. But, As a blogger user, i definitely know that these guys have some kinda skill that we don't have . Maybe , some day these guys may become really big  developers. Another factor is that, there are less competitors in Blogger templates niche, so you can quickly find success if you have the talent. So, Here, I am going to share five developers who have that extraordinary talent that i was talking about . 

Syed Faizan Ali - Templateism

Can I Ask you one thing ? How many of you have not visited Templateism before? The answer will definitely be zero people. Everybody visits Templateism . Templateism is the result of the hardwork and creating of a 17 year old legend. Yes, +Syed Faizan Ali may be the best blogger theme developer out there. How can I not place him on the top? How can a 17 year old make such responsive themes? The answer to these are all his capabilities. When he first started blogging while he was 12 or 13 years old he didn't knew anything. But, now there's nothing that he doesn't know related to Blogger .Maybe, he amassed this kindda knowledge because of his early entry into this world. He runs two other blogs at th same time while developing themes at Templateism. Syed Faizan Ali laid the stepping stone to all the other four theme developers. He started it all . Yeah ! And He has earned the highest amount of money. They have now got more than 30 themes in their gallery and its still counting and counting. They publishe regularly. They post 1 template every week and their fan page has got more than 4000 likes on Facebook. Yeah ! Really he has got an Internet Empire .

Aumkar Thakur - SEO Blogger Templates

In terms of site design, responsiveness and customer support , I had recommend you to download themes from SBT. Even we are using a customized theme developed by SEO Blogger Templates. As a customer of SBT, I really know how much +Aumkar Thakur has helped us in customizing the themes. And the responsiveness of his templates are unquestionable. He publishes themes regularly and he frequently updates his blog templates. He also has another technology related blog . And, if you value customer support and all kings of helps, then head to SBT. SEO Blogger Templates really value their name and their templates are really SEO Optimized. SEO Blogger Templates is the main competitor of Templateism .

Ali Bajwa - Templateify

Wah! His themes are the most beautiful in this list. But. most of his themes are converted from Wordpress which decreases his designer rating. Even then, how many of you can covert a wordpress theme to blogger ? Yeah! Its too difficult as Blogger uses XML style template . Templateify has a lot of themes in their gallery and of all the two i mentioned above Templateify has the best site design. Templateify is also a one-man army led by +Ali Bajwa  just like the other two. Templateify also has got affiliate campaigns and they are now also selling thems. They place a link on their footer as credit. To remove this link , you have to buy it from them, through sellfy. They have now got more than 20 themes in their gallery and they update their blog regularly. Yeah ! They have a blog where they post tutorials and guides on blogger theme development. He also runs giveaways frequently. He got immense success really fast . Their customer support is also a great one. The cost of their templates are 16$ for most of them . And the cost is really worth it.

Chandeep - Blog Tips 'N' Tricks

Unlike the other two, +Chandeep J doest have a personalized template resource blog. He only publishes templates in his blogging niche blog called Blog Tips 'N' Tricks. This has gained him a lot of popularity as the intersection of these two niches gave him immense traffic. Mainly, his themes are converted from wordpress . As i told you, even if you want to convert wordpress themes to blogger, you need some skill . Yes, and these people have that skill. Chandeep posts less routinely and he posts maybe only once in a month . He has got immense success because of his niche mixing, Chandeep now has a really tight schedule and he has no time to post much articles thats why he posts monthly. Chandeep is also a victim of cloning. His fisrt template was cloned by +Durai Sankar of A2Tech buzz. Later, he updated his blog design . This too was cloned by the same guy. And Chandeep has also got a lot of works to complete and also he also has to complete many services. Maybe, thats why he is posting less templates nowadays.

Mohammed Musthafa Ahmedzai - My Blogger Tricks

He was once the best blogger theme developer. His blog was once the ultimate resource for blogger users. But, now , As a lot of competitiros have stepped into the field his templates are not upto the expectations. In 2009, His templates were the best and it was used by almost everybody. But, suddenly a lot of beautiful templates came up and he started focusing more on tutorials. But, there is no doubt that My Blogger Tricks is still the best blogger resource site. Yeah ! Now, Musthafa Ahmedzai is back at My Blogger Tricks after his exams. Yeah ! His golden days are coming back And we are all happy to see his articles and tutorials. Unlike other, +Chandeep J and +Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai posts their templates in their blogging niche sites itself. And this has gained them immense traffic. But now, he is not publishing templates at MBT.

From The Editors Desk

Who knows, maybe you and i can become a great blogger template developer in the future. But, if you want to become one, you should start now as its the best time and now there is less competition. Till the next post, Happy Blogging !