Ultimate Guide To Google Plus Marketing of A Blog

Social Networking is one of the best ways to get traffic , mainly traffic that is targeted . We should always use socail networks usefully . They are not only for chatting and uploading photos , they can be used for other marketing urposes also . Such a social network is Google Plus . Google+ was started in 2011 and since then it has acquired more than 500 million users of which 230 million are active users . Whenever we use Gmail or any of Google's Services , popups start emerging encouragin us to join Google+ . Recently, Google Plus was named the second most popular social networking website in the world after Facebook . Surely , Google Plus will not reach Facebook , but it is surely one of the best Google Services ever . Many bloggers are still not using Google Plus . Google Plus was not a success at first . But, when they started encouraging people with Gmail account to join Google Plus , it really became a heavy success than they though . I Still remember , when i first used Google Plus , I though nobody will join it because of it low quality design and slow navigation . But after two or three months , i was really impressed by seeing their layout and their active users .

Here , they are using Circles instead of Friends . So , Adding to circles is just like following on twitter . the number of people who add you to their represents your fame and reputation and also popularity .Google Plus has the ability to take out the potential of your blog . Marketing your blog on Google Plus surely increases your traffic . Moreover , if you use Google Plus , you will be regarded as better than other people without Google Plus Profiles . In many , google PLus is useful to bloggers , we will discus it here .But , should every blogger use Google Plus ? Yes , of course , every Blogger should use Google Plus . It can take your blog from zero to hundred ! So , we are going to share the best profits of using Google Plus !

Use Google+ To Get Traffic

Google+ can be manually linked with Blogger . This is a good technique because each time you publish a post , you are automatically prompted to share this on Google+ . THis a really good marketing strategy , because you not only get traffic but you also increase the number of people seeing the post on Google+ .When they see your post in Google+ , some might click it andget you traffic , but other might see this and they will come to know of your blog ! We can also manually share on Google Plus just like other social networking websites .

Author Photo In Search Results

Check the photo provided below and you can see why author photo is important . Still didn't understand ? Search in Google ' Qadabra Review ' . I was totally amazed when i saw my blog first . then i checked Webmaster Tools and was quite shocked because , that search query got more than 1000 impressions , but only 60 clicks i got through that query ! Its because , my link in the search did not have the author photo ,so most users did not clicked on my result .

Author Photo in Search results can be obtained only if you have a Google Plus Account . You should link to your Google Plus account from your website properly . So , if you do not have a Google PLus profile , you will lose a lot of organic traffic just because people are not impressed by your listing in the search engine !


Increase Popularity 

When the author bio is coming in the search results , then , it will also show in how many people's circles you are there . The more people adds you to their circles , the more your popularity in search engines . Google Plus has this facility just to make it unique . Twitter uses follow while Facebook uses Friends and Like , Google Plus uses circles , its very unique ! More Popularity , More Traffic . So ,You should really join Google Plus , right . Every Blogger should be popular . If other readers find that you are very popular , then they will surely come again and again to your blog !

Final Words 

Every Boy is a dull boy if he does not play ! Every Blog is a dull blog if he does not become social . Social Marketing is a must for every blog ! So , Happy Socializing


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