Advantages And Uses Of Zemanta Blogger Tool

Zemanta is a blogging tool which gives you an improved Blogging experience in Blogger .Zemanta is a plugin for chrome and other browsers which can be integrated in Blogger . Its a quality service which gives us free images and many other optimization services in the post editor. Zemanta, If added in Google Chrome, can be seen above the post settings .Many other advantages as well as disadvatages are being generated by this free tool. But, everything is not for free. Zemanta, keeps a small image with a link to their website if you use their images or services . Using Zemata, your posts writtn in the post editor will sky rocket the search engine results page. Zemata plugin constantly offers you tips and many other services . Using Zemanta, Blogging becomes a lot more easier for you . Zemanta also has another feature which automatically finds relevant text which has a website, and it automatically links to that website. But, its only when we click a button, it will add the link . There are a lot more other feautures in this plugin which i will demonstrate and show with images to you .


Many bloggers thought that all those so called great images in Google are free to use. They only realised that what they did was one of the blunders in their blogging career after they get a copyright issue and finally the blog gets deleted or disabled . Zemanta provides free images to use on our blog. Images added through Zemanta will link to the the website from which the image is taken. The link will  be a text link and not an image link and it can be found in the cation  area as stated in the image . So no copyright issues.Moreover, it also has many other free images without links . Its a great service for busy bloggers because you will not need to waste time in creating images and editing them as well as adding text to it .

Related Articles

Zemanta also gives you a chance to show some posts as a related posts widget . But its not to your website. But, these related posts will be of other websites. Moreover, these are something which i have never used. So, i recomend you not to use it as you are simply linking out without the need of anything. But, its good if you value your readers very much and linking to better articles are not a waste . See the pic for a live demo of it . Its good for your readers and visitors .

In - Text Links

I like this feature a lot , because we just have to click a button rather an adding all the links one by one. It is really cool, right . Well, i love this one . It takes out popular and relevant names in the text which have an official brand or is really popular and shows it in the column of In-Text links . We can add the links of our choice or we can add all links at once. See the image below for reference .It can be found below the scrollbar of the post editor . 


Do you think you get all this great, cool features for free . Well, if you think so, it is possible . But, if you get caught, you are really going to regret it . Zemanta adds an image link at the bottom right corner of the post . Its really small, so you should respect their free service by not removing the image . Finally, Hope you liked Zemanta and please add it for an increased and improved blogging experience. 


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