Top 4 Business Websites On Blogger

Blogger is an open platform which can be used by anybody. The high amount of success that Blogger accumulated is due to their features and its abilities. Which other service in this world provide free hosting with a very large storage with actually 0% downtime. Only Blogger can do this because its owned by Google even though the starting stone of Blogger was laid by Pyra Labs. Now, Lets come to the point. As a lot of websites are hosted on blogger, most of them are unwanted and useless. But, there are some websites which really look like a great website and offers great serives. If you have a business, you had either opt for Wordpress or for self-hosting . But, there are some businesses which have grown out of the limits. They get millions of pageviews monthly. Still Blogger is hosting them easily with zero downtime. This implies the major advantage of Blogger. Every hosting other than Bluehost has some percentage of downtime. So, now i am going to nominate out some of the best business websites thar are still on Blogger and getting tons of traffic daily. So, what are you waiting for? Hop onto the article .

#1 - My Blogger Tricks

Whenever we find an issue in Blogger, this is the first place that we head to . You know why ? They have been in this field since 2009 and there are articles on almost everything related to Blogger. A few years before, My Blogger Tricks was the only good blogger resource site. But, since the beginning of the busy time schedule of +Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai , there has been less articles related to Blogger and they are diverting their niche. But, Musthafa is back and we have already seen some great articles by him back at MBT. Well, the main advantage of using this site is that they have a premium services page, but all those premium services can be done by ourselves if we check all the articles of MBT. Still, its impossible because they have thouands and thousands of articles under their custody . Musthafa has really worked hard to establish this business. You guys tell me, Has an blogger written an article on using cookies in Blogger ? No, thats the uniqueness of MBT. Musthafa worked and posted lots of unique tutorials before he got helping hands from +Qasim Zaib , +NIDA ZAIDI and +Hassam Ahmad Awan . Really, MBTis the best site on Blogger and there is no alternative to My Blogger Tricks. another thing is that they have more than 58000 subscribers on Feedburner.

#2 - Templateism

Wah! The kind of templates that this website offers for free is somekind of a lottery. You cant get some themes like this for free unless the theme is from Templateism.You mean what about the other developers out there ? Yeah ! They all develop themes . But, the reason why Templateism got to the second position is that they are the first blogger website to have a working AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Cant believe it , huh ? Head straight through this link and get some commission for sure. You know why ? If a guy takes a look at their themes, he will buy the premium ones for sure. That kind of themes are offered by Templateism . Templateism has also another nomination point . Templateism is a one man army headed by +Syed Faizan Ali . He is also the one man owner of My Blogger Lab which is also a blogger resource website . So, now lets head to the next website .

#3 - My Blogger Lab

So much is there to tell about this young guy who caused a ruckus in the blogging field. With his two dynamic websites which he kept still on Blogger after getting immense success is a herculean task to behold. Once or more than once, we all have visited My Blogger Lab. And the peculiarity of My Blogger Lab is that it only provides Blogger tips, tricks and resources. And still it is a one man army . Again the man behind this blog is +Syed Faizan Ali .

#4 - Blogger Yard

There was once a time when Blogger Yard and Blogger Kid had almost the same rankings. But, Blogger Yard got really great success and i went unlucky. Right now, they have an Alexa Rank which is ten times lesser than mine. Yeah ! They too publish unique blogger related articles. This blog is also a one man army lead by +Mohammed Yaqoob who is still 16 years old. And the blog is still on Blogger .

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From The Editors Desk

WooHoo! Hope i become like one of them some day. I think the key to their success is the frequency of posting unique fully hand-written articles. And readers, thanks for reading this article and hope you share this one and make it viral.


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