How To Get An Older Version Of Any Webpage

Wah ! Its a long time since I posted at Blogger Kid . Its due to my exams, readers. Recently we posted an article on migrating your Feedburner subscribers to Mailchimp and we also shared an article on Top five Blogger theme Developers. So, here's one article for you . How many times do we update our blog theme in a year ? Some may update it many times a year . This article is for those guys who update the blogs theme many times a year. When they update their blog design frequently, they may forget to backup their theme at times. Now, they are all stranded and alone. Maybe, they worked hard on a part of the theme and now you also want that part in your new theme. and unfortunately, you don't have any backup of that part of the old theme. This is the time when we are forced to get and older version of any website . This task is a really easy one as there are a lot of websites out there which gets you an HTML format of a webpage from the past. This is really helpful as you are totally backed up free of cost and you can take it and check it at anytime. So, now lets find an older version of our website.

How to Get an Older Version of any Webpage

All these websites store an earlier vrsion of any webpage for free. They dont even ask for any money . They only have a donate button. But, still its our wish. so, these services are totally free. Even if all the websites listed below do not get you your webpage. then you can search on google and on the left side of your search result, there is an arrow. On clicking it you can see a cached version of the webpage. But, it might not store really old versions .

Webpage Storing Websites

Website #1 - Archive
Website #2 - WebCite
Website #3 - Archive It
Website #4 - FreezePage

Final Words

Well, I hope this might help you at any time. Moreover, dont forget to take a backup of your total blog or website before implementing any changes. these sites are all temporary and sometimes it also might not have have an older version. So, if you dont want to get stranded on the internet, take backups on a regular interval or before major changes,


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