Migrate Your Feedburner Subscribers To Mailchimp

Feedburner has always been the first priority email marketing service for every blogger user. But, Unfortunately, Feedburner does not have all those features which other competitors like Mailchimp and Aweber have . Many people do not migrate from Feedburner thinking that other services are costly and people also fear that they may lose their subscribers. But, now its time to erase this myth. Feedburner does not allow us to send emails at anytime like other services like Mailchimp. Recently, we migrated from Feedburner to Mailchimp's free service. Mailchimp's free service has a limit of sending 12000 emails in your lifetime and your subscriber count has a limit of 2000. Anyways, i did not import my old subscribers which were nearly 149 because most of them were not at all responding. And, right now i have got 21 confirmed subscribers in Mailchimp . So, now i think you know why you should transfer to a modern interface. So, now i am going to show you a tutorial on transferring your feedburner email subscribers to Mailchimp .

How To Transfer Feedburner Subscribers To Mailchimp

Before we go on to transfer your fedburner subscribers to Mailchimp, first you have to import your feedburner subscribers into a file. This process will make us easier to transfer the subscribers in toMailchimp. Here are the steps. 

  1. Go To Feedburner and access your account and click on the feed that you want to import .
  2. Clcik on Publicize and now click on Subcription Management in the left side menu .
  3. Scroll down and click on ' View Subscriber Details '
  4. Now, you can see all your subscribers .
  5. There will an option named Export CSV . Click on it a CSV file will be downloaded. Check the image for more . Now, you have successfully imported your email subscribers.

Okay ! Now that you have imported your feedburner subscribers , Now lets go to Mailchimp and export them there . Follow the steps written below and everything will be easy for you .

  1. Go To Mailchimp and Sign Up for a free account . After that log in into your dashboard .
  2. Click on Lists from the menu on left side . And then click on Create A List .
  3. Now, type the required information and click on Save .
  4. Now, you can access your email lists . In lists menu, no your new list will be found .
  5. Click on it to access it . 
  6. Now click on Add Subscribers in the top menu and a dropdown menu will appear .
  7. There, click on Import subscribers .
  8. A new page with many exporting methods will appear. 
  9. There click on Upload from CSV File .
  10. Browse for the CSV file and upload it .
Now you have successfully transferred or migrated your subscribers from Feedburner to Mailchimp, you can now start new campaigns and design it and send it straight to your subscribers anytime from anywhere . But, rmember on thing, you have only 12000 mails left . Happy Blogging !


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  5. Thanks, nice article with simple to follow instructions. I also switched over to Mailchimp and so far I am very happy with them!