Top 5 Blogger Theme Developers

Blogger Theme is not so hard to create and customize . But, to make really awesome and responsive templates, you really need to be a good designer. Even If you know Web designing, you might not be able to create a good template. On such occassions we use templates shared by Blogger and other third party websites. All those great themes used by blogs are the customized version of other templates shared by third party sites. Even my old theme was a customized version of Minimum Theme by BlogTipsNTricks. The thing is that , most of these third party websites are run by single professionals and some of these guys have two or more great websites . And still they are being able  to maintain their template development almost regularly. Doesn't that mean that they have some extraordinary template development skills. If you dont think, thats not my fault. But, As a blogger user, i definitely know that these guys have some kinda skill that we don't have . Maybe , some day these guys may become really big  developers. Another factor is that, there are less competitors in Blogger templates niche, so you can quickly find success if you have the talent. So, Here, I am going to share five developers who have that extraordinary talent that i was talking about . 

Syed Faizan Ali - Templateism

Can I Ask you one thing ? How many of you have not visited Templateism before? The answer will definitely be zero people. Everybody visits Templateism . Templateism is the result of the hardwork and creating of a 17 year old legend. Yes, +Syed Faizan Ali may be the best blogger theme developer out there. How can I not place him on the top? How can a 17 year old make such responsive themes? The answer to these are all his capabilities. When he first started blogging while he was 12 or 13 years old he didn't knew anything. But, now there's nothing that he doesn't know related to Blogger .Maybe, he amassed this kindda knowledge because of his early entry into this world. He runs two other blogs at th same time while developing themes at Templateism. Syed Faizan Ali laid the stepping stone to all the other four theme developers. He started it all . Yeah ! And He has earned the highest amount of money. They have now got more than 30 themes in their gallery and its still counting and counting. They publishe regularly. They post 1 template every week and their fan page has got more than 4000 likes on Facebook. Yeah ! Really he has got an Internet Empire .

Aumkar Thakur - SEO Blogger Templates

In terms of site design, responsiveness and customer support , I had recommend you to download themes from SBT. Even we are using a customized theme developed by SEO Blogger Templates. As a customer of SBT, I really know how much +Aumkar Thakur has helped us in customizing the themes. And the responsiveness of his templates are unquestionable. He publishes themes regularly and he frequently updates his blog templates. He also has another technology related blog . And, if you value customer support and all kings of helps, then head to SBT. SEO Blogger Templates really value their name and their templates are really SEO Optimized. SEO Blogger Templates is the main competitor of Templateism .

Ali Bajwa - Templateify

Wah! His themes are the most beautiful in this list. But. most of his themes are converted from Wordpress which decreases his designer rating. Even then, how many of you can covert a wordpress theme to blogger ? Yeah! Its too difficult as Blogger uses XML style template . Templateify has a lot of themes in their gallery and of all the two i mentioned above Templateify has the best site design. Templateify is also a one-man army led by +Ali Bajwa  just like the other two. Templateify also has got affiliate campaigns and they are now also selling thems. They place a link on their footer as credit. To remove this link , you have to buy it from them, through sellfy. They have now got more than 20 themes in their gallery and they update their blog regularly. Yeah ! They have a blog where they post tutorials and guides on blogger theme development. He also runs giveaways frequently. He got immense success really fast . Their customer support is also a great one. The cost of their templates are 16$ for most of them . And the cost is really worth it.

Chandeep - Blog Tips 'N' Tricks

Unlike the other two, +Chandeep J doest have a personalized template resource blog. He only publishes templates in his blogging niche blog called Blog Tips 'N' Tricks. This has gained him a lot of popularity as the intersection of these two niches gave him immense traffic. Mainly, his themes are converted from wordpress . As i told you, even if you want to convert wordpress themes to blogger, you need some skill . Yes, and these people have that skill. Chandeep posts less routinely and he posts maybe only once in a month . He has got immense success because of his niche mixing, Chandeep now has a really tight schedule and he has no time to post much articles thats why he posts monthly. Chandeep is also a victim of cloning. His fisrt template was cloned by +Durai Sankar of A2Tech buzz. Later, he updated his blog design . This too was cloned by the same guy. And Chandeep has also got a lot of works to complete and also he also has to complete many services. Maybe, thats why he is posting less templates nowadays.

Mohammed Musthafa Ahmedzai - My Blogger Tricks

He was once the best blogger theme developer. His blog was once the ultimate resource for blogger users. But, now , As a lot of competitiros have stepped into the field his templates are not upto the expectations. In 2009, His templates were the best and it was used by almost everybody. But, suddenly a lot of beautiful templates came up and he started focusing more on tutorials. But, there is no doubt that My Blogger Tricks is still the best blogger resource site. Yeah ! Now, Musthafa Ahmedzai is back at My Blogger Tricks after his exams. Yeah ! His golden days are coming back And we are all happy to see his articles and tutorials. Unlike other, +Chandeep J and +Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai posts their templates in their blogging niche sites itself. And this has gained them immense traffic. But now, he is not publishing templates at MBT.

From The Editors Desk

Who knows, maybe you and i can become a great blogger template developer in the future. But, if you want to become one, you should start now as its the best time and now there is less competition. Till the next post, Happy Blogging !


  1. Hey man , Nice article ...
    And the rank and order you gave is quite right .. Syed is really a talented guy and I dont wanna say that ..
    And I really am in love with this blog of yours ! truly rocks ..
    I work at 8ruuux network . Do pay a visit sometimes ..
    Regards ..
    Adu Alex

    1. Thank You, Adu .
      And Thanks for loving my blog :)
      Of Course, I will visit your blog often :)

  2. This is the most misleading Top 5 list I have ever seen (Yah). 1st for sure is Tien of I don't know anyone better than him when it comes to Blogger developer. Secondly there are many regional bloggers who post in their language. Taufik is one of the greatest blogger tweaker. MKR is too a great developer. Yah the listed people are highly talented but the as a whole the list is worthless. My personal opinion.

    1. I will add the three above mentioned authors to this list. I know Tien Nguyen , i forgot him. And the other two. i thought they were some group , not an individual

    2. @dhiraj you are saying that tien of is no.1 then why don't use his template but instead using chandeep's template without credit link.He is a best copier.All the widgets he posting belongs to

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