The King Of Low Cost Entry Level Tablets

We always love to spread out our wings. So, now we are adding Technology too into our article topics. Hope you will like it. As Technology is spreading world wide, a lot of companies have started producing their own Tablets And Smart Phones. So , its hard to figure out which is the best one. A Lot of low cost Tablets are available In the market, so you might get confused to buy which one . So here I am going to discuss some of the major advantages and disadvantages of the so called low cost tablets by nominating three tablets . They Are HCL Me UI , Micromax Funbook And Zen Ultra Tab A100 . These are some of the most popular And most selling tablets In the market. It will definitely have some disadvantages as they are sold at such a low price. Don't forget to leave your nominations in the comments . Lets start from the last.

3 . HCL Me UI - Rs7999

The main features Of this tablet is the 7 inch capacitive touchscreen and the 4 GB Internal Storage + The Micro SD Card Support. The other major features are the 3600 mAh battery which can get you more than one day battery with heavy usage. The weight of this tablet is 350 gram and this tablet is loaded with a 1GHz Cortex A8 Processor which can surely run high graphics games without any lag. Unlike the other companies, HCL is not a phone brand. It is a Computing And IT Brand, who have solid years Of experience in the field . HCL Me UI is one of their best entry level tablets. It also runs the Android Ice Cream Sandwich powered by 1GHz cortex A8 processor which provides smooth navigation but lags a bit when running heavier applications. Wi-Fi is supported but NO bluetooth support. It is a major drawback for such a good tablet .Actually, this tablet is on the expensive side .So Thats why, It goes last .

2 . Micromax Funbook - Rs.6,499

This is also another entry level tablet device running on 2800 mAh battery, so If you compare these batteries with HCL, definitely HCL is a lot better. This is probably the first tablet that started all these mess. When Micromax first launched a tablet below 8K mark ,we knew this is going to bring more players into the field with similar offerings which actually happened. The looks of this tablet is pretty modern and not tacky at all. The 7 inch touch screen is brilliant to work with. There is a 1.2 GHz Cortex Processor and also a 512 MB RAM hidden behinds the fabulous touch screen. Movie Playback and Sounds are pretty good , however when you run games, you feel an occasional lag .This tablet warms up rather quickly .But It does not have an HDMI port that let's the user connect the tablet to any larger screen. It last for about 6 hours on a full charge . It weighs only 350 gram .

3 . Zen Ultra Tab A100 - Rs5,999 - WINNER

Zen Mobiles Is a name that has been floating in the Indian Market since the last 3-4 years. In this short span, they have captured a good market share in the entry level segment and have had a few good phones under their belt . They recently launched a really good looking 7 inch tablet under 8K . Lookswise this tablet Is the best of all . It is slim , has nice and fresh design and a large touch screen . The plastics used for this tablet do not look cheap . It runs Android 4.0 ICS operating System  On a 1.2 GHz CPU combined with 512 MB RAM behind the large And sleek touchscreen . The best thing about this tablet besides its good looks Is the plethora of Indian Applications available on it . On the flip side the battery lasts for just 3 hours if you play videos. Apart from that there is less to crib about here . The Price Is Also Less Than Funbook.

Final Words

Thats All , This Just My Opinion Based on My Experience with these Tablets . If you Have Any views About These tablets Or If you Have Any Information About Other Entry Level Tablets Comment Below .And thats Rizwan, signing off from Blogger Kid


  1. Sooner or later tablets are going to replace the laptops, It is for sure. So it is better to buy them before the rate goes high. Thanks Rizwan you are a pro blogger i hope i could learn from you more about blogging.

    1. Yes. Tablets will replace laptops.Yes. You are right, we should get hold of one as fast as we can. :)

  2. nice bro..i liked it your views thnks for sharing

  3. Thanks Manish for the appreciation and for the comment